Halloween costume ideas for girls

Halloween is just around the corner and now is the time everyone’s looking for ideas on what to wear! You want to look cool but you want to do something different but you can’t really afford to go all out either? Well if that’s the case I’ve got my top 10 costume ideas to cater for everyone! Including momma’s to be 😉

1.Animal face paint 

Okay bare with me, I don’t mean like a kid getting their face painted at a family day out! This look is actually really easy and looks super cute!

Try cheetah print, either just on one side of your face, down your arm, or all down each side of your body. There’s loads of tutorials online on how to create this look at home with some make-up! #winning

Match this with some cute ears and an all black or cheetah print outfit and you’re ready to go!

You can also try this with tiger marks, or just keep it simple with some little whiskers and a black button nose. But don’t forget your ears!



2. Disney Character 

The possibilities with this is endless!

Choose your favourite Disney character and recreate it through costume. My personal favourite would be princess Jasmine!

If you don’t feel confident enough to pull off Kim K’s look, try getting a black skater skirt and a red and white polka dot top, match it with red ears and You’ve got yourself Minnie Mouse, make it cute by adding some knee high socks!

Disney doesn’t necessarily mean cuteness and fairies, what about the evil witches? Very do-able with a black tutu and some costume make-up.


3. Career girl

The title of this is quiet vague! But this one can basically be anything you do as a job,a police woman, nurse, sailor, army, or the classic superhero! You can out the word ‘sexy’ before each of the above 😉

Usually these kind of costumes need to be bought, but If you’re the creative kind I’m sure they’re possible to put together at home.

They are the classic backup costume that’s quick and easy but not always cheap!


4. Sports star 

If you look up any costume website online these costumes are always the coolest!

They include race car drivers, boxers, baseball players, referees, soccer players, and cheerleaders.

The good thing is these are easily homemade, try getting a New York Yankee’s pin striped baseball shirt in a men’s size, match it with black knee high socks, high tops, and a baseball hat, perfect!

You could also try some black boxer shorts with a sports style crop top and knee high socks to match. Making you an instant rugby player or a boxer, depending on the style of the top (or the accessories you use)

Yandy.com is my favourite for these type of costumes, but if you’re looking for a cheaper version ebay usually have a lot of the same costumes.


5. The Doll

With the release of Annabelle this month, I’m sure there will be lots of Annabelle inspired looks working the scare factor this halloween!

The make-up effects are really amazing with this look if they’re done right. If you’re willing to give it a go yourself there’s definitely tutorials online to recreate the look.

Alternatively, there will always be someone around who can do you’re scare factor make-up at a reasonable price!

I have two favourite’s when it comes to doll inspired make-up looks. One is the ventriloquist style and the other is the rag doll.

The rag doll includes huge eyes and tiny lips, it’s super cute and really easy to do at home.



6. Group/couple Theme

This one is always great fun to do with friends! You can decide between something cute or something funny and creative. Some of the looks created every year are Mario and Luigi, The Smurfs, and some of the Disney princesses.

Try choose something different and funny and get all your mates to dress up with you. That way no one will laugh at you and you’re all in together, let’s face it a pack of ninja turtles would be pretty awesome!

Why not try it with your other half as go as a couple? Batman and cat woman, Mickey and Minnie Mouse? Well, if you’ve a really nice boyfriend that is! #cuteenough


7. Creative Make-up look

Sometimes it’s not all about the costume and more about the effects! Creating a make-up based outfit will guarantee you to stand out in the crowd and look awesome! A zombie, a witch, and a skeleton are just some of the amazing looks that can be created for a scary but sexy look!

The sugar skull look has to be my absolute favourite! It’s really cool and very doable, you can match this with a black based outfit to make your artist work stand out.

Why not try out different themes for costumes such as ‘SAW’ and The Black Swan.

If you can afford to pay for your make-up, the comic book character has to be the coolest look being created this year. It’s so realistic and really funky!



8. Home Made girly costume

It’s surprisingly easy to put together your own costume at home, especially if you’ve an idea in your head what you want to be.

I’ve done two of the most stereotypical girly costumes over the last two years, but they never fail! Put together an all leather outfit, some cat ears, and you’re Gretchen Wieners!

I’ve also put together a nerd/school girl costume. Getting a tartan skirt and tie (on ebay) with knee high socks, a white shirt, and some big chunky glasses. Easy peasy!

If it’s last minute and you’ve decided to head out, grab you’re brother/dad/boyfriend’s sports jersey and add some knee high socks, you’re an instant sexy Man United player, well played- eh?


9. Baby Bump

Women should never feel like they have to miss out on halloween just because they’re expecting! If anything, it’s more of a chance to get creative.

Paint your belly orange and add the make-up effects to create a little (okay maybe not so little) pumpkin!

Another popular one is the little plastic hands coming through the top, guaranteed to give people a scare.

You could also be a giant oven, get it? #getcookin’


10. The basic slut

If all else fails, do the typical slut!

It’s okay to live by mean girls quotes, right?

“In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

Playboy bunny? kitten? mouse? Anything with ears and short shorts is totally acceptable!

You can also add a sexy teacher and a cheerleader to the list, cute plaid skirt and you’re away with it 😉


Boys version coming very soon, stay tuned 😉


Plan your journey to the Limerick giant

It’s just two days until the massive Giant rambles through the streets of Limerick, transfixing audiences for 72 hours of free entertainment.

Young and old will rub shoulders as they follow the Giant’s progress on its epic three day journey.

With crowds of between 100,000 and 200,000 people are expected to flock to Limerick from near and afar over the weekend. Planning your journey to the perfect site seeing spot is crucial. 

Significant areas of Limerick City Centre will be subjected to Street and Road closures and will effectively be pedestrianised for the weekend to accommodate this unique family friendly event.

If you’re driving to Limerick from the outskirts of the County, or around the country, there are a number of park and ride or park and walk facilities available.

From each morning at 8am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Park and Ride services will be accessible both in and out of the city, at 15 minute intervals.

Parking will cost €5 per vehicle, which includes shuttle bus fares from the following locations:

  • Culture Factory, National Technology Park, Castletroy
Operating: Friday /Saturday 08:00 – 21.00 and Sunday 10:00- 16:00
Drop off Location: Art College, Clare Street
Pick up Point Return from City Centre: St. Lelia Street
  • University of Limerick, Western Car Park
Operating: Saturday 09:00 – 21:00 and Friday & Sunday(as overflow to culture factory) 09:00 – 21:00
Drop off Location: Art College, Clare Street
Pick up Point Return from City Centre: St. Lelia Street
  • Limerick Greyhound Stadium, Dock Road
Operating: Friday /Saturday 08:00 – 20:00 and Sunday 10:00- 16:00
Drop off Location: O’Curry Street
Pick up Point Return from City Centre: O’Curry Street
  • Limerick Racecourse 
Friday 14.00-21.00 and Saturday 09:00 – 21:00
Drop off Location: O’Curry Street
Pick up Point Return from City Centre: O’Curry Street
  • Claughaun GAA
Operating: Friday & Sunday – (as overflow to Culture Factory/UL) 09:00-21:00
Saturday 09:00 – 21:00
Drop off Location: Art College, Clare Street
Pick up Point Return from City Centre: St. Lelia Street
  • South Court Hotel
Independent Park and Ride
Separately the Southcourt Hotel, Raheen Roundabout will also independently operate a Park and Ride facility from the Hotels car park on Friday,Saturday and Sunday.
Buses will depart every 15 minutes from each pick up point or as a bus fills to capacity.
Wrist Bands
-Wrist bands will be issued to lead passenger and will have details
of the opening/closing time of services for each day, specific to your car park.

Park and walk locations

Also each day from 8am – 8pm, Park and Walk locations will be accessible closer to the City Centre at the following locations at a charge of €5 per vehicle.

Parking will be available from the following locations, each within walking distance from the city centre.

Available from Friday to Sunday

-Limerick Gaelic Grounds, Ennis Road

Available Saturday and Sunday only

-Limerick Institute of Technology, Moylish 

-Mary Immaculate College, South Circular Road 

-St. Joseph’s Hospital, Mulgrave Street (car park closes at 8pm)

To be captioned by Picture Desk

If you’re planning your journey from around the country, by bus or train. The details are as follows:

Irish Rail

Planned industrial action has been called off for Sunday and Monday, tickets for both dates are now available at irishrail.ie for those travelling home from Limerick.

Follow the giant grandmother to Colbert station with discount prices on all online books. 

Web fares start from €5.99* each way from Galway, from €9.99* each way from Cork and from €16.99* each way from Dublin. 

Irish rail also have discounted prices for Family ‘day return’ tickets which are also available on their website.

All family tickets are valid for a return journey for 1 or 2 adults and up to 4 children between 5 and 15 years old. Children under 5 years travel free on Intercity services. These tickets can be purchased at the station on the day of travel.

Bus Eireann

For those travelling from outside Limerick, there are regular Expressway services from Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Clare, Galway and Dublin. 

*N.B. Buses will run from the bus stop outside the bus station (Hyde road post office)

Bus Eireann have worked closely with An Garda Síochána and Limerick City Council in relation to these temporary changes to inner city timetables.

Because of nature of the street festival, and the significant amount of street and road closures, services that operate around the city, will be split.

Route 301 Westbury

Friday and Saturday morning (0900-1200) until the closure of Island Road

-Bus Stops to be located at The Island Rd (Island Rd Stores) and The Island Rd (Opp Island Rd Stores).

-There are bus poles at both sides of the road.

Saturday afternoon (1200-2000) and Sunday

-Bus Stops to be located at the Topaz station on the Corbally side of Grove Island. Buses will turn at the roundabout.

-Busses will operate every 30 mins, on the hour, and at half past the hour.

Route 301 Hyde Road/Father Russell Road/Raheen

-All services pick up/drop off at Limerick Bus Station (Bays 1 & 2).

-This service will operate via Hyde Road which will have a contra-flow system until Saturday at 20:00.

-Busses will operate every 30mins, at 10 past the hour, and 20 to the hour. 

Route 302 Caherdavin

Friday and Saturday morning (0900-1200) until closure of Clancy Strand

-All services on Friday and Sat morning to operate as far as Clancy Strand until further road closures on Saturday afternoon and Sunday when increased levels of disruption take place.

-Stop for pick up and drop off will be at the Strand Hotel.

Saturday afternoon (1200-2000) and Sunday

-Services will depart usual Caherdavin terminus, turn left onto Clonmacken Rd, via Condell Road and will drop off and pick up outside Live 95FM.

-Friday & Saturday busses run every 20 minutes, starting on the hour.

– Sunday busses run from 10am every 30mins, on the hour, and at half past.

Route 303 O’Malley Park

-All services pick up/drop off at Limerick Bus Station (Bays 1 & 2).

-This service will operate via Hyde Road which will have a contra-flow system until Saturday at 2000.

– busses will run every 30mins, 15 minutes past, and quarter to the hour.

Route 303 Moyross (amalgamated with Route 306 Ballynanty for 3 days)

Route will incorporate Ballynanty during the event.

Friday and Saturday morning (0900-1200) until closure of Clancy Strand

-All services on Friday and Saturday morning to operate as far as Clancy Strand until further road closures on Saturday afternoon and Sunday when increased levels of disruption take place.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday (1200 onward)

-Route will incorporate Ballynanty and the terminus will be at Quarry Road in Thomondgate.

-Buses will run every 30 minute departing the city on the hour, and at half past.

Route 304 UL

-All services to operate pick up/drop off at Gleeson’s Sport Shop

-except during Friday morning (until 1200) when drop off/pick up moved to The College of Further Education and travel outbound via Clare street.

-Buses will run every 15 minutes, on the hour, 15 mins past, half past, and quarter to. 

Route 304 Ballycummin

-All services pick up/drop off at Limerick Bus Station (Bays 1 & 2).

-This service will operate via Hyde Road which will have a contra-flow system until Saturday at 2000.

-Buses will run every 15 mins departing the city at 00, 15, 30, and quarter to.

Route 305 Lynwood

-All services to operate pick up/drop off at Gleeson’s Sport Shop

-except during Friday morning when drop off/pick up moved to the College of Further Education. On Friday services will have to travel to Lynwood via Clare Street and will have to operate into Lynwood via St Patricks Road.

-Will operate cross city to St Marys Park on Friday via Clare St and Island Road

– Buses will run hourly departing the city on the hour.

Route 305 St Marys Park

-Will operate cross city to Lynwood on Friday via Clare St and Island Road

-City Centre Bus Stops Friday Only

-Island Road or Mulgrave Street

*No service on Saturday or Sunday*

Route 306 Ballynanty

Amalgamated with Route 303 Moyross for the duration of the event.

Route 306 Edward St

Cancelled during the event. This area will be served by Route 301 Raheen.


313 Limerick/Ardnacrusha                     

-Disruptions on all services and will operate via Corbally during the event.

Route 343 Limerick/Shannon/Ennis   

-All services will operate to and from Limerick Station via the tunnel and will not serve the city centre.

All other Stage Carriage services to/from Limerick will departure from Limerick Bus Station only.


On Friday morning at 10am, the Grandmother will awake, and begin her Journey across the city.

Be sure to choose your spot in the crowd across the city, as Granny’s story unravels.

Follow the music and the thump of her step across the weekend, be part of the print in history for Limerick.

For full details of the giants journey, locations and times are as follows:

Friday 5th

10am- 11:45am

Grandmother arrives by train at Bus Éireann School Transport Offices on Roxboro Road and makes her way to Upper William Street, down William Street turning left onto O’Connell Street. She continues up O’Connell Street to the O’Connell Monument, turning left onto Barrington Street, continues to Pery Square, Upper Mallow Street and arrives at Russell Park.


Grandmother leaves Russell Park continues onto Parnell Street, down Roches Street turning right onto O’Connell Street, continuing onto Sarsfield Street, Liddy Street, around by Arthur’s Quay Park, onto Patrick Street, back around Arthur’s Quay making her way to Henry Street and then Harvey’s and Howley’s Quay. She proceeds to make her way up Lower Cecil Street back onto O’Connell Street up to The Crescent, turning onto Barrington Street, Pery Square, Upper Mallow Street, onto Lord Edward Street arriving at Sarsfield Barracks at 7pm approx. (which will remain open for a further 2 hours)

Saturday 6th


Grandmother wakes up at 10am in Sarsfield Barracks and sets off on her journey around the City, taking in Lord Edward Street, Parnell Street, Upper William Street, down William Street, over Sarsfield Bridge, turning right onto Clancy’s Strand, continuing over Thomond Bridge onto Castle Street and Island Road arriving at Lee Estate.


Grandmother wakes in Lee Estate and continues onto Island Road, turning right onto Bridge Street, Rutland Street, Patrick Street, O’Connell Street, Lower Cecil Street, Henry Street, Mill Lane, Bishop’s Quay, Howley’s Quay, Lower Shannon Street, Henry Street, Sarsfield Bridge, Clancy’s Strand, High Road, Thomondgate, Sexton Street North to Hassett’s Cross, left onto Shelbourne Road into Shelbourne Park at 6.30pm approx. (which will remain open for a further 2 hours)

Sunday 7th

12 noon-2pm

Starting at The Treaty Stone continuing onto Clancy’s Strand onto Sarsfield Bridge, Sarsfield Street, Patrick Street, Rutland Street to Merchant’s Quay. Departing Merchant’s Quay, Rutland Street, Patrick Street, Sarsfield Street onto Sarsfield Bridge and departs by boat on The River Shannon.

Behind the scenes of Royal de Luxe



Speaking to a member of the Royal de Luxe, as they walk through the Music rehearsal area, we chat about preparations leading up to the big weekend.

The music plays loudly in the background, it’s infectious sound is quite distracting. I tap my pen as I pose questions to the Royal de Luxe crew.

“Operations are running smoothly, as this weeks focus is on the final sound tests” he said. 

As the Grandmother takes to the streets of Limerick, a live music truck will follow her journey, creating an invigorating atmosphere across the crowd.

The sound track is composed solely by French composer Michel Augier. His catchy melodies have promised “to be stuck in your head for at least two weeks”. 

“The Irish and French crew are very positive, there’s a massive positive energy around the work area”. 

The Royal de Luxe team are very impressed with their sponsors in the lead up to the event.

Masterchefs have been making sure the giant Grandmother has been getting her three meals a day, since her arrival last week. Whilst also catering for all groups partaking in the production.

The University of Limerick has helped tremendously. With services provided from the UL accommodation, the sports arena, Spar, and the UL concert hall. 

The Crescent shopping centre is another proud sponsor of the Royal de Luxe, along with partner websites such as Tourism Ireland. 

Huge support has come from Irish Rail, especially with regards to their online service. 

As this is the City of Cultures flagship event of the year, Irish Rail have kindly set specific fares for those travelling from around the country to this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

There will be extra services running in the lead up to the event, with full details available on the Irish Rail website. 

Limerick will expect to gather between 100,000 and 200,000 people along the streets of the city across the weekend. 

The online presence of the Royal de Luxe has grown hugely since they began earlier this year. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have risen from five figures to seven figures, with regards to readership and followers 

Since the Grandmothers visit to Liverpool in July, the energy for Limericks visit has boomed. 

Liverpool created a spin off effect for the giants visit to Limerick, with anticipation rising as the time comes closer. 

The Royal de Luxe will be propitious to Limerick’s city of culture, as Ireland’s biggest event of 2014. 

The countdown is on, with less than ten days to the Grandmothers appearance. Backstage at Royal de Luxe seems to be cool, calm, and confident.

Everyone involved is really enthusiastic, it’s all about creating the buzz from here on in. 

“Although there’s Irish working alongside the French, there’s no language barrier. We have an interpreter, so the team are all working together really well. Insuring the Grandmothers every need is seen to”  

Royal de Luxe founder, Jean Luc Courcoult hosted a press conference earlier this week, speaking about the giant’s visit to Limerick. 

“She is tough, daring and mischievous. Her character is intrepid, adventurous and full of tenderness overall,” he said.

The story line of the show is the element of surprise. The aim is to wow, and entertain the public. 

The 30 foot Grandmother will arrive by train, to begin her adventure across the city. She will call to Sarsfield Barracks, Lee Estate, and Shelbourne Park, to name but a few. 

Traffic restrictions will be in place across the weekend, will the full list of road closures available on Limerick.ie.

It’s predicted that the giant’s visit will be worth around €30 million to Limerick shops, restaurants and accommodation providers.

From September 5th- 7th- It’s a weekend that will leave a giant footprint in the Culture capital of 2014, will you be there? 

Steve Spade – So much more than a magician


People are always skeptical of Magicians, aren’t they? You know there’s a way they trick you with a deck of cards or a change of hand when making something disappear before you.

We’ve all been shown card tricks, we’ve all been amazed by tricks and illusions. Left mind boggled, or sometimes unimpressed, presuming there were seven of your 5 of clubs.

However, when I met Steve Spade, I entailed on a magic trick which involved an invisible deck of cards. Which left me picking black and whites from thin air like a loony.

Funny thing about it is, when it came to the final two, in mid air, I chose the invisible seven of diamonds.

I was left shaking in my seat by sheer amazement, when he flipped that menu. Wedged between two layers of plastic, was the card in my mind.


A magician, an illusionist and an escape artist. Tell us how you got into doing magic?

I’ve always loved it, I always watched it on TV, and I was always fascinated by it. I suppose my Uncle was the direct connection. He was a doctor, but he was also a magician.

He used to do magic going through college to pay his bills and what ever else. Every time i met him (he was that uncle you would only ever meet at a wedding or a funeral) he’d always show me tricks and how they worked. It just became a massive interest.

Most Qualified people would study and train to become who they are, how do you learn and teach yourself the things you’re able to do?

I’m a musician as well so the effects is much like playing the guitar. You need to learn all the foundations and the fundamentals of it first. Then you can make a song once you have the technique down. It’s like that with magic, you have to learn all the slight of hand and the techniques.

The more i learned, the more fascinated i became with it, and wanted to learn more and more. I never thought I could do it as a career. I obviously went to college and did other things as well, it just fizzled into it, by effects of people I met and places I visited it all came together.

I travelled around, and I couldn’t really get venues for magic, so I started doing stand up and doing comedy with my magic.

You really go from one extreme to the other, how did you go from doing card tricks to tying yourself into a box in the River Shannon?

I started off with the parlor trick concept as a magician, with the slight of hand. However, I’ve always liked Houdini, I’ve always liked the idea of doing something drastic and death defined that will draw people in.

Houdini did that also, he always said that the best way to draw a crowd is to have a moment where someone could potentially die, that would draw people in.

You’ve been compared to Houdini in the past. What’s it like living up to a name like that?

It’s not easy! He’s done a lot more than I have but it’s amazing. I remember when I got that quote, it was incredible. I was asked to take part on a show on the discovery channel and I won a set of his handcuff on air, which was surreal!

They challenged me live on air with a promise of the handcuffs if I succeeded. I had to get out of 100 feet of rope in less time than my record which was 52 seconds. I got out in 47 seconds, it was so cool, especially as Houdini was known for doing things like that and beating challenges.

So you’re going on tour, tell us a little about that. 

I’ll be going on tour in October. I’ll be heading all around Ireland and also doing a few dates in the UK.

What can we expect from the show?

It’s going to be a few full stage show. Last years show was called Voodoo, where I tried to make everyone in the audience like a voodoo doll and take them over through hypnosis and suggestion.

There was also escape elements in it and it was also tied in with the voodoo religion. It was quiet a dark show.

This one will be even darker again, but a lot more theatrical based.

You’ve recently set up a production company, does that incorporate your magic?

Yeah, we’ve recently set up Spade Lion Productions. I’m going to produce my own theater shows and my own productions as a whole, I’m also producing short films as well. I’m currently working with a guy called Paddy Murphy, who does a lot of my marketing too.

He’s after writing the movie we just finished, called ensnared. It was a short story he’s won a couple of awards with, so we got it on camera. Once I heard the story, I immediately thought; “This has to be a movie!” We got Kevin Kiely Jr as the lead role.

It’s a psychological/thriller type horror, it’s making the audience put themselves in the shoes of this character.

What else can we expect to see from you in the future, anymore crazy stunts planned?

Yeah, I’m currently in talks with a TV station about doing a TV show. It’ll be a six part series, with a series of stunts, and magic as well.

Each episode will show the lead up a preparation to a stunt at the end, which you will almost see me train for.

The stage show will also be kicking off in October, which will be toured up until Christmas when I’ll be hitting the States.

When I was last over there I did the intermission for the Bachelor of New York, which was similar to the Rose of Tralee.


You’ve met quiet a lot of famous people during your time in America, who’s been the most famous would you say?

The one that really knocked me back was Kevin Spacey. He was really cool to meet, a really nice guy!

I was asked to perform for him and was kind of nervous! Once I sat down, he was just chatting having a drink and the celebrity aspect just went out the window. Some celebrities are great for that.

I just treat it like any other gig, because they’re still going to react like anyone else. If they see something vanish they’re still going to have the same reaction as the next guy.

Sometimes it’s just so surreal, like meeting Mike Tyson was amazing. You see him on the TV and then he’s saying amazing things about you. Times like that you really appreciate how far you’ve gotten.

From being trapped at the bottom of a river to being burned at the stake, what would you say has been your favourite stunt so far?

I really liked the under water escape, because it was very simple and to the point. Being burned alive was a lot more of an illusion and had a lot of choreographing, it was quiet hard. It was more of a theatrical production than an escape.

I liked the idea of being chained and being put into a box at the bottom of the river, it was very Houdini.

When you hear the nails being banged down into the box, you’re first instinct is to panic, because that’s just natural as a human.

How long did it take you to escape? 

About 90 seconds, It was all about getting over the psychology of being nailed into a box in the pitch dark.

You have to keep your mind focused for no error to creep in.

How do you practice and prepare for a stunt like that?

You practice in a safe environment, around people that you trust.

Would it be more of a mental practice and training than a psychical one? 

There’s definitely part of that, you really have to psych yourself up for it. It would be similar to someone going into a big fight, where you have to rise above it.

On the day I performed the stunt, I was advised not to do it because of the currents. At that stage there was thousands of people on the bridge so I just had to do it!

From Water to Flames, what was it like being burned at the stake? 

It was mad! It was called sacrifice, It had never been done. It was suggested that I do it in a coffin, I like illusion and that, but I don’t like the idea that the box does the magic trick., like the stereotypical box cut in half type stunt.

I was tied to a pole, trapped in a sheet and set fire to. I vanished and reappeared at the top of King Johns castle.

It fooled the people in Shannon development, there was psychically no way possible to get up there.

Magic is getting a lot bigger in recent years, with the likes of Blaine and Dymano, but when you perform, what kind of audience would you have?

I do perform at weddings, not as much as I used to, I also used to do kids magic. I have however, performed at some celebrities weddings, I did Shane Long’s wedding last year, which is always cool!

Some corporate companies might want like a full set how,s for example a 45 minute performance.

It’s always good at events to break the ice, if i do something at a table and walk away, it’s always going to leave people talking about it.

It’s important to have the craic and create an atmosphere when performing.

When I did stand up alongside my comedy, I got to perform beside massive names. Such as Jason Byrne and Tommy Tiernan, which was brilliant!

You learn so much from them, like delivery and stage presence, it all helps!

I love leaving people mind boggled, it’s that false sense of security. Yes he’s good craic but how the hell did he just do that!

On a deeper side of things then, how does hypnosis work?

It’s a psychological thing, it’s your subconscious that’s being hypnotized really. It’s amazingly interesting though, I love doing it. I love learning different aspects of it

With hypnosis, the biggest illusion may not even exist, you just have to perceive that it exists.

Being able to trick someone into thinking their hand is stuck to a table is a method of hypnosis. Even though it isn’t psychically stuck, that person had been believed to think their hand is incapable of moving. It can be something so simple as that.

Would you ever reveal your secrets or how you do a certain trick?

Not really, I had to tell my parents about the water stunt, for reassurance. They thought I was going to die so I had to let them know I was going to be okay.

People love not knowing, and not being able to understand things but still be mind blown by it.

Magic, hypnosis and even illusion are still a lost art, it’s timeless. People don’t get it.. Einstein said that “The most beautiful thing is mystery” and it’s true, it makes you think.

It’s great when you meet people that are really skeptical because you can just see it in them at one point, they’ve given up and surrendered to the fact that they’ve no explanation as to how you’re doing what you’re doing.

I think magic isn’t a psychical thing, I think magic is how you make the other person feel. Its how they feel in their head. 

Magic doesn’t have to technically happen for them to know or feel like it’s happened. 

It is perception of the reality.. You’re bending reality.

People are like “that can’t happen.. but it just happened”



Bebo Memories


Bebo is making a come back, apparently bigger and better than ever before.


I remember the absolute state of panic everyone went into when they heard bebo was shutting down. We all quickly scattered to create a Facebook page, because God forbid we had to actually meet a boy in person.

Although most of our first ever status’s would be ‘wha da fuk is dis thiiing’ ‘slow ting duna how ta uze it!!’ bebo brings back nothing but happy (and painfully cringy) memories.

I set up my first bebo page in 2006, back in a time when I had orange pan stick plastered over my face and there wasn’t an eyebrow to be seen.

If you think about it, it’s how we know most of the people we’d associate with today.

It was a means of communication, of making new friends, and of coarse, meeting the best boyFrRrRiIennnd evaaaa! 2k6 && alwayzzz mWaH

Here’s some bebo memories that are bound to make you cringe with mortification, but give the ultimate lols. Bringing back the best memories of our beloved teenage years.


1. Bebo skins 

Your skin was the most important thing on your page, it represented who you were and how you’re feeling at that exact time. For example “sexy, single, and ready to mingle” seemed to be quiet popular. You knew who the misfortunes were if their skin was a full of pink and purple love hearts plucked from the plain Jane page 2 of 1,000 optional skins.

Not to mention the day we all ( a small minority of cool people) figured out how to make them.

My bebo skin was full of photos of me and my bff with playboy bunnies and pink honda civics, topping it off with flashing ‘BFFZ’ spread across the middle #classybirdbeboo

2. Flash Box

So a boy adds you, you head onto his page for the oul creep, and BANG ‘Mc smalley ya thats my name gunna go with the flo guna play this game, guna roll the dice, once or twice’ ………………

You were JUDGED by your flashbox, it had to be the latest tune if you wanted to be cool.

Like DJ Sammy ‘celebrate the summer’ and you couldn’t go wrong with DJ Rankin 2k6 in the mix.

You could always tell when a girl broke up with her boyfriend of three days when her flashbox changed to good oul DJ Boonie. #memories

3. Profile Picture

Did you know that ‘bebo stunnah’ is in the dictionary?


Whether you wore five layers of panstick, or good oul Elizabeth Arden, there wasn’t a bit of bronzer to be seen on the neck. We pouted it out in our profile picture to the best of our ability. Wearing something like a black velour tracksuit with a sequence belt and our hair in three ponytails.

Making a god awful duck face thinking we are the genuine bomb.com #cringe


4. The wall 

The wall was where numerous amount of penis’s were drawn with hairy balls or shooting sperm.

On guys pages you’d see the typical ‘YOUR GAY’ written in black and white.

On girls pages was a masterpiece, created by your BFFE declaring her love to you for everyone to see.


5. ‘About me’ Bio

These tended to vary as trends came and went. The one memory that stands out the most is the ‘loves’ ‘hates’ ‘fun times’ lists which consisted of the following..


mii gurrrlz, town, drinkin, gettin a laf, smokn, been on da fone ta LaurZzZ, gOin Walknn, Chocolate, WKD, hangin rund da rdzzz, chillin with my BbaAbIiIi Boii LvzZz Hm xoxoxo

These lists consisted of everything you loved and hated from been cheated on to mustard.

It was a difficult time for all involved.


6. Other Half

This was where shit went down in bebo town. You may have had 16 girls in your gang but only one was your BFFE, your other half.

God bless the day you got a boyfriend, because you wanted the whole world to know how much you loved him and his cuddles, but try telling her she’ll have no longer have an other half…for at least an hour. #ohnogirl

Your other half could be anyone from your best friend, to your new boyfriend, to your crush (if God really liked you) or even just an oul pal (for those of you in the friendzone)

Your other half was important..It was like your online wing man.

Ever wonder how you just happened to end up in the cinema with two best friends?

Facebook has nothing on the couples made from bebo.


(he loves her, doggystyle)

7. Top 16

This was every 14 year old’s most important decision in life, or so we thought. You swore to your best friend you’d never move her from number one, but this insanely hot guy wants to put you first in his #decisionsdecisions

You could tell when people had a falling out because you were ripped out of that top 16 faster than you could say sorry!

And as for that guy you like.. I mean, you might be like number 14, but hey at least you’re still there, right?


8. Top 16 aarows

Because how else could everyone know he was good in bed??

Even though the majority of us were total frigits, we needed to show our love for everyone through aarows.

Which unfortunately meant taking someone out of your top 16.

They usually flashed, and were really sparkly, Mii bbz


9. Share da luv 

I remember back in the early days of bebo when you got only one love a day.

You felt like feckin Beyonce when some sexy lad gave you his designated love. #WINNING

Shit got real when we upgraded to three a day, you’d swear you’d give everyone love until you got them, and secretly shared yours with your crush #NOTICEME

‘Mall out give it cha 2mrw’ was used for the silly boys who each day, genuinely believed you were going to part with a sacred love just for them, #cute!

And who remembers those ultimate cool kids who made fake pages to give themselves 12 loves a day……….


10. Page Views

Yes, people did secretly compete with page views.

As much as you pretended you didn’t even notice them, you did.

Hats off to the sad individuals who sat their refreshing their own page to boost up their views, I’m sure you’re winning in life right now.

Lets not forget about the time bebo said people could see who’s viewed their page.

Girls were more worried about that than missing their period!


11. Quizes 

You made these for people to see how much they really knew you…

oooooor maybe just to see would the boy you like get 8/10. #sucess

Even if the questions were stuff like, “watz mii favz colour” or “whoz mii BfFe”

You got to choose from a number of options and by god was this your best friends time to fucking well shine!

Even if you haven’t talked to her since you met her crush back in 2008.

photo (7)

12. Polls

Let me re-jog your memory on these.

A pole usually consisted of pictures including you, and three of your closest friends, posing the question, “who’s better lookin?”

We all know you secretly logged onto your sisters page to vote for yourself when your better looking friend was shaming you on your poll.

God bless the bebo stunnahz.


I think bebo should be left back in 2010, along with all our cringiness and flashy playboy cars. Although Facebook isn’t far off these days with the ‘like for the one who’ and ‘like for an H.O’. Lets hope Twitter stays the way it is, for the sake of all those involved.

At least it’s good to know our generation created the ‘bebo stunnah’ it’ll be a story for the grand kids.

Royal de Luxe celebrates 20 years of the Giant

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Royal de Luxe Giant, and will be celebrating two amazing decades of stories and adventures right here in Limerick, from September 5 to September 7, 2014.

Royal de Luxe Author, Director and Founder, Jean-Luc Courcoult welcomed Limerick as the newest host of the world-class show.

“Royal de Luxe are truly delighted that Ireland is one of the chosen stages for this year’s performances. It will be a very special time when Royal de Luxe land on your green isle with our Giant and Lilliputians to perform what may be the biggest street performance Ireland will ever see! The Giant and storyline by Royal de Luxe that you will experience this September were created using Ireland, and more specifically, Limerick, as its inspiration.”


I’m looking back at the best performances from the Royal de Luxe over the last 20 years. Many stories have been shared throughout cities all over the world, performed to thousands of onlookers, engaged in the spectacular.

In 1993, we saw the debut of a giant who fell from the sky, he was tied up by humans who feared his presence. Once he awoke, he broke free from his ropes. Creating what has come to be the biggest street performance one has seen.  

Each giant has their own story; we see this played through emotions. As each one tells a unique story, through happiness, sadness, love and despair.

A little history on the events which have made the Royal de Luxe the spectacular it is today. A creation by the multi-talented Jean-Luc Courcoult, which has grown and transformed through every show, every performance, with every touching, heart-warming feeling, shared throughout the crowd. As they relate to a tale played out by multiple Liliputians tugging and pulling as the move through the crowd.

1993 – The Giant who fell from Heaven

The famous Royal de Luxe Giant makes his debut performance in Le Havre.

“There once was a Giant who lived in the clouds. One day he fell from the sky and onto a boulevard. When he awoke, the humans had tied him up. The following day, they walked him through the city in a large cage for the entertainment of all. But every night the Giant dreamt, and the humans were afraid of his dreams. So they built a big wall of light to prevent him from sleeping. That night the Giant dreamt so hard he broke his cage and disappeared into the light…”

first one

1994 to 1997 ­– The Epic

Royal de Luxe creates a ‘Town Square’. The Epic draws its subjects from popular film classics. The show proves to be a success, performing 46 times across 11 French cities, as well Vienna and Antwerp. In 1996, there were 39 performances in 11 European cities. Australia hosted 10 performances in 1997, and Europe hosted a further 12. Royal de Luxe estimates that more than 350,000 people saw the show, between 1995 and 1997.

In the same year another show is created, ‘The Rhinoceros’, and with it a new machine. It is previewed in Arles during the Rencontres Internationales de la

Photo and is performed every day at the Universal Exhibition in Lisbon in 1998. Finally, “The House in the Trees” is taken to Nantes, this time from August 22 to August 26.

From October 1997 to March 1998, Royal de Luxe commits itself to a six month theatrical adventure in Cameroon and moves to Foulou, in the North of the country.


1998 Return from Africa

A new storyline is created for the Giant, following the blueprint of previous shows. This is brought to Burkina Faso, featuring four music machines, carrying 55 musicians.

“The Giant on his raft is carried to the coast of Africa where he discovers a village of black Giants who welcome him and give him a son, to whom he tells his stories about the small white men. One day, discovering his son has left, the Giant begins his search for him perched on the roof of a bus.”

1999/2000 ­– Little Negro Tales Provisional Title

A new show, consisting of nine African tales, taken from their adventures in Cameroon. An astonishing 72 performances took place in 12 cities and is opened at the Avignon Festival.

2000 – The Giraffe Hunters

This new, exclusive story encapsulates the tale of the Little Giant meeting the giraffe and her baby giraffe. Created in Nantes, the story is then presented in Le Havre and Calais; three cities that have been stronghold venues for Royal de Luxe.

2001/2002 – Little Chinese Tales Revised and Corrected by Negroes

Royal de Luxe takes their performances for a long stay in Guan Cun, China. The company acquires six artists and returns to Nantes to perform their new show. It is played 30 times in Paris and Nantes until October 2001. In April 2002, Royal de Luxe is invited to Hue Festival, Vietnam, and in May, Royal de Luxe makes its Korean premiere in Seoul.

2003 – Sale! Two Shows for the Price of One

In 2003, under the amateur company name “The Trestle Of The Minstrels,” Royal de Luxe presented “Sale! Two Shows For The Price Of One “. This was a simultaneous production of two the two theatre classics “Hamlet” by Shakespeare and “The Imaginary Invalid” by Moliere staged on a turntable which get stuck and goes awry. Initially, with the complicity of the festival of Aurillac, the company performed this production in several cities in Auvergne. In January 2004, invited by the Festival International Teatro a Mil, a Spanish adaptation of the show is presented during a Chilean tour. This took the cast through Valparaiso, Santiago and to the northern region of the Atacama Desert. Fourteen shows were performed with a total of over 20,000 spectators.


2005/2006 – The Visit of the Sultan of the Indies on his Time-Travelling Elephant

In May of that year, the company creates “The Visit Of The Sultan Of The Indies On His Time-Travelling Elephant”. It is the story of a sultan who travels around the planet through time and space on an elephant. The openings take place in Nantes and Amiens in connection with the Jules Verne centenary. Hundreds of thousands of people attend to enjoy this new story: In Nantes, the reunion with this fascinating giant saga enlivens the city and talk is of little else for several days, whilst audiences in Amiens are surprised to discover the encounter between a little girl-giant and a royal elephant.

The Sultan makes his way through London, Antwerp, Le Havre and Calais, in 2006.


January 2007 – Little Girl Giant and Rhinoceros Hide

This new show received miles of success, attracting more than two million spectators in Santiago de Chile, Chile, thus creating Royal de Luxe’s biggest triumph.


May 2007 – The Geyser of Reykjavik

This show was created especially for the close of the season at the French art festival in Reykjavik, the story is based on Nordic folklore.

Autumn 2007 – Revolt of the Mannequins

In autumn 2007, Royal de Luxe develops a new form of street theater, the window show, and proposes a new production “The Revolt Of The Mannequins”. In the form of urban comics in shop windows, mannequins rebelled for nine days in Charleville for the twentieth anniversary of the National College of puppetry.

“The Revolt of the mannequins’ is performed in Nantes in February 2008. Having been fed with new stories and influences since the first performance, the production now comprises of a dozen windows. After Nantes, the Royal de Luxe mannequins invaded the shop windows of several cities throughout Europe and appeared in Maastricht in March, and Amiens and Antwerp in the months that followed.

From 2009 to 2010, this exclusive show made its appearance in Perth, Australia, and Wellington, New Zealand.

2008 – The Nightmares of Toni Travolta

Jean-Luc Courcoult embarked upon a new project with Gran Reyneta and created a new show in a genre unexplored by the Chilean company or even Royal de Luxe : a street musical called “The Nightmares Of Toni Travolta”. After more than seven months in France for its creation, the opening takes place in May 2008 at the Art Rock Festival in Saint-Brieuc, before starting a big tour throughout Europe (seventy-seven dates) and then to Chile in South America in early 2009, during another Festival Teatro a Mil in Santiago.

2008 – The Story of the Giant Who Was Buried Alive

A new, commissioned show held in Santa Maria de Feira, Portugal that encapsulated the medieval castle’s history.

2009/2010 – The Little Girl-Giant of the Titanic and the Deep Sea Diver

This key Royal de Luxe event took place in Nantes, Berlin, Santiago de Chile and in Antwerp. All shows, combined, attracted millions of viewers.

2010 – Xolo the Mexican Dog God

2010 saw the birth of a new Giant in the workshops of the company, a Xolo, a Mexican dog-god specially created for the show “The Giant of Guadalajara.” This installment of the saga of the Giants was presented from 23 to 28 November 2010 in Guadalajara, Mexico to celebrate the Bicentennial of Independence and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution (3.5 million viewers). From 27 to 29 May 2011, Nantes, in turn, met the newest member of the company at the show “El Xolo”.


2012 – Rue de la Chute & Sea Odyssey

In 2012 Royal de Luxe was again very successful as much in France as internationally with its creations:

  • Immense success for “Sea Odyssey”, the last story from the Giants’ saga that celebrated the Centenary of the sinking of the Titanic on April 20th, 21st and 22nd in Liverpool. More than 800 000 spectators. To keep in memory this tale that made the hearts of Liverpool inhabitants’ beat faster, the city has commissioned a beautiful book that was published by Liverpool University Press.
  • “Rue de la Chute”, a performance for squares. This adaptation of the Conquest of the West has literally charmed the audience during its tour in Spring / Summer 2012 – Nantes, Antwerp, Paris, Aurillac, Saint-Gaudens, Ramonville… More than 50 000 spectators. Here again can be found the language and the inspiration of Royal de Luxe that has largely contributed to its reputation: humour, poetry, special effects.



This year, Royal de Luxe will only take place in three cities; Nantes, Liverpool, Limerick.

Royal de Luxe Limerick will take place between Friday, September 5 and Sunday, September 7, 2014.

Its 72 hours of free entertainment, a weekend that will put Limerick on the map. An event you will never forget and one spectacular story to be told.

For more information on Royal de Luxe, visit: www.Royal-De-Luxe.com

For more information on Royal de Luxe Limerick, visit: www.RoyalDeLuxeLimerick.ie

What is the Royal de Luxe?


Since 1979, Jean-Luc Courcoult has been shaping a creation that can only be called a wondrous extravaganza. 

Some may call them ‘puppet’s and others call them ‘giants’ but they’re much more than a one syllable word, they’re a form of life.

Emotion is played out through these mechanical marionette street theatre giants. Creating a sense of wonder more usually bound to the realm of fiction, through a story relating to home. 

As the Royal de Luxe takes to the streets of Limerick, they will embark on a journey in which the people of Limerick can relate to specifically. 

The Royal de Luxe’s giant operators called Lilliputians, named after the race of tiny people in the novel Gulliver’s Travels, tug the strings of the 40ft life-like giant, making their way through the streets of the city. 

In previous Royal de Luxe shows, they have had a number of different giants, including a 20ft elephant, a mechanical dog, and a not so little- little girl. 


Also seen in previous shows around the world, including Liverpool and Nantes, these giants are ever so courteous.

Waving and reaching out to the crowd as they pass by, looking down to the crowd, as the audience gaze back in suspense. 

They will embark on their adventure through the streets of Limerick, on a 72 hour journey of free entertainment for the city of culture. 

Limerick is one of just three cities the Royal de Luxe will visit this year, and will be performing in front of record-high numbers, throughout the space of three days.

Not only will this be a national significance, but an international significance also. 

This event will put Limerick, and Ireland on the map, attracting people from all over the world.

Our city has lost it’s bad name, and given that Limerick is the City of Culture capital for 2014, the main event had to be extravagant.

The aim of the event is to breathe life into the city, to create a buzz we’ve never experienced before.

Iseult Byrne, project director told the Limerick Leader:  

“We have been developing the technical capacities of the show and they have been doing a lot of research on the story for Limerick. It is a custom made story, working a lot with the city archivists and historians, and meeting many musicians, actors and different people who will all be involved in the show.”

This spectacular is not to be missed. From September 5th-7th, be part of the biggest street theatre in the world, as the production company get ready to unleash the giant-saga. Putting Limerick on the map, in this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Published on Apr 27, 2012

A short film shot during Royal de Luxe’s performance of Sea Odyssey in Liverpool, April 2012.
Music courtesy of creative commons licence – ‘Behind the Sea’, Possimiste